Farm Management

We enable our clients to make data driven decisions, while valuing the integrity of the land and their farming operation.

Landowners who do not personally farm their land can benefit greatly from the tailored, professional management service that The Shay Company delivers. As farm asset managers, we will represent you using our personal and professional hands-on business approach to attentively process all of the important details inherent to meeting your goals and objectives. We understand your complex concerns, your personal goals, and your investment aims, and we address each with a careful hand and an overall emphasis on soil stewardship, production, marketing, accounting, and communications. You will appreciate our accurate, detailed accounting, consistent on-the-farm supervision, and assurance that your best interests are represented.

Management Services

As our user, you'll enjoy the following services:

  • Recommendations and implementation of soil conservation practices to maximize stewardship of soil
  • A review of annual lease terms
  • Frequent on-farm visits to ensure proper management of your investment
  • Supervision of approved capital improvement projects
  • Extensive education and recommendations regarding the most appropriate government farm programs for your particular needs
  • Timely written reports, telephone calls, personal visits, and owner farm tours, which will keep you well-informed of all aspects of your investment
  • Easy-to-read personalized year-end reports
  • Profit and financial analysis with budget and cash flow projections
  • Careful selection of seed varieties, fertilizer, chemicals, crop rotation, and livestock program
  • Detailed marketing plans specific to your crops and livestock

It's All in the Details

Details matter and our attention to the intricacies related to the operation of a farm including leasing the land, planning the crop rotation, purchasing supplies, marketing the crops and livestock, and supervising land improvements and building repairs are second to none. We'll visit your farm frequently. You'll have accurate, up-to-date records, consistent on-the-farm supervision, and assurance that your best interests are being represented. We work with some of the best operators in agriculture to ensure your success and satisfaction.

Full Farmland Professional Services

In addition to professional farm management, we also offer real estate sales and acquisition services and real estate appraisal services. Learn more by clicking the links above.